Ka’anapali Pistachio Cuff


Sterling Silver or 14 KT Gold Fill hammered 10 gauge wire adorned with two 12mm pistachio pearls. Big, beautiful, lustrous pearls to make your mouth water 🤤. Cuff comes in a standard size of 6” including the length of the pearls. 10 gauge is a very thick wire gauge so you can bend the cuff to bring the pearls more close together or further apart after sliding it over the side of your wrist. This is my FAVORITE cuff thus far, I hope you enjoy!


Wrist Size:


XS: 5.5"

Small: 6"

Medium: 6.5"

Large: 7"

XL: 7.5"


Please get a snug measurement of your wrist and choose the correct size. IF YOU'RE BUYING THIS CUFF AS A GIFT FOR SOMEONE, please get their wrist measurement. If that's not possible, please let me know if the receiver is XS ( model type), Small (average), Large (bigger than average), XL (significantly larger than most). This information will help me size without measurement. The cuff can be opened and closed slightly to give or take a little room. If I don't receive measurement or size from you, I'll make cuff into the average size. 

Cuff Size

    All jewelry is sent to you in an off white box with "Nani Shells" imprinted in gold foil on the top. There's plenty of cushion in the box, and I will usually put a fragile stamp on the bubble cushion itself.


    All jewelry orders are custom! My goal is to make your order within 1-2 days of the order being placed (so as soon as i physically can) and will ship out as soon as the item is fully polished to a bright sparkle.


    This is a small business, one person show! With that being said, order times may vary depending on time of year and how busy I am. Sometimes it can take up to a week or a week and a half to fulfill an order. If you are under a strict deadline please inform me before ordering. I want to ensure that you will be the happiest customer ever, so if theres anything I can do differently to make you happy, please let me know!


    USPS First Class Paracel mail is my main shipper.

    If you're mainland, 3-5 business days. If you're Hawaii, 1-3 business days. 


    Tracking and Insurance are both included. Insurance is included up to $150 only. Less expensive items will be insured for that amount only. If you'd like to add more insurance to your order, please contact me before ordering and we can certainly do that if you have a larger/more expensive order.


    ALOHA and mahalo for your interest!